He named a cow after me!
Outrageous! this is ofcourse an exagerrated sentiment, but hey! I’m a woman.

He named a Cow after me!
I am Curious. Of the gazillion names that exist, why would he settle for Juliet?
See, Juliet is an extraordinary name that has somehow managed to not only stay afloat amidst the eras of name flaunting but has solely managed to resound over centuries.
This should be one unique cow!

He named a Cow after me!
By now you’re guessing curiosity took the better of me. You couldn’t be any more right!
Paraphrasing his nonchalant response;
” The Cow is Stubborn!”.
Can you see the smoke coming out of my ears? No?
Draw a little closer. Can you now?

Omph! I am sulking!
He missed the memo! No, HE MISSED THE MEMO!
Did he though?

He named a Cow after me!
He has known me for four years counting, He must know I am stubborn.
Further musings lead me to a conclusion, Yes! I am stubborn!
I bless the day they named me Juliet, foresight didn’t fail them.
Also, he is such a polite fella using stubborn instead of hot-headed!

He named a cow after me!
Or rather after Juliet!
Classic! what Juliet did for Romeo, Classic!
She could have had anyother gentleman after all she wore dainty with exuberance and I am certain she must have had an army waiting at her feet
But no! Romeo it was for her!
I have several Romeos of my own too.
And Ha! Your brewing thoughts, Shame on your judgemental self!

He named a Cow after me!
and like I was saying, a few Romeos of my own. No I don’t lust after Paris but I do for chicken, Colonel Sanders to be specific.
No! I REFUSE to have it any other way the same way i REFUSE to sit in a taxi if I am not getting a window spot for I am obsessed with the manner in which the icy wind engages with my face whilst I travel in a fast moving vehicle, Refreshing!
Most people would say “Maalo” (can anyone help me loosely translate?)
Hot headed? No! This is simply being stubborn!.

He named a Cow after me!
They say I am stupid. I am out to refurbish that statement. They say i don’t total amount to anything, the statement has been dusted and polished to
“Oh Hail, Her creative geniusness!”
That has got to count for something right?
No! I will never be satisfied with opinions about me I am only satiated by what my soul hungers.
I hunger on!
Hot-headed? Yes!

He named a Cow after me!
I am glad he did!
He has a four-legged reminder of stubborn!
I pray that whenever he is about to back down, that he looks at Juliet and exclaims
Because Stubborn is the way to go!
And before I pen off,
Juliet is one special Cow!